Geeky in Atlanta

So, one of my responsibilities as a co-organizer of PyLadiesATL is determining a new regular date for a our monthly meetings! I reached out to some folks via Twitter to get a sense of Atlanta’s existing social opportunities across a variety languages. I figured why not go ahead and share what I’d learned, in case anyone else is interested?

Numbers below refer to the first, second, third, or fourth instance of a given day in a month. For example, Atlanta’s Clojure meetup, Atl-Clj, meets monthly on the second Tuesday. Let me know if this is unclear, or if there’s a better way of organizing!

Our PyLadiesATL Meetup page will be updated when we’ve picked our new date. Links to Meetup pages, where applicable, included below.

1: monthly social hour

1: PyATL Jam Session monthly meeting
2: Atl-Clj, Atlanta’s Clojure Meetup, monthly meeting
3: WomenWhoCode Atlanta monthly meeting

2: ATLRUG: Atlanta Ruby Users Group, monthly meeting
4: Rails Girls Atlanta monthly meeting

2: PyATL: Atlanta Python Programmers monthly meeting

No meetups on these days!

Please let me know if there’s anything that should be added. Thanks so much in advance!

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